Hello Heartburn

As we all know heartburn is a royal pain.  In fact, in some cases it can be right up there with a case of bad gas.  You know nothing is more embarrassing than a really bad stomach that’s really just a bad case of gas, but that’s another story.  So I’ve been on the receiving end of heartburn.  It’s wasn’t pleasant.  It was like taking one of those really huge pills that gets stuck in your esophagus and no amount of water will get rid of it. Personally, I don’t like taking medication for something that is usually diet related.  I usually eat really well, but everybody has there nice little spurts of “I’m gong to eat donuts for the next month”.  So what had happened was, I was in college and busy.  I wanted something quick, easy, and easily portable.  My frozen meal of choice was ravioli.  There are many different variations of ravioli.  However, many sold on the market contain red sauce.  Mistake #1.  I was used to homemade red sauce with fresh tomatoes, and in all honesty I didn’t realize how acidic red sauce can be.  It had been a part of my diet regularly growing up. […]
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Natural Ways to Get Rid of Field Mice

  Ok, so I’m a country girl, and I love horses.  However, I don’t love field mice.  Field mice are not those gigantic alien looking huge rats you find in the city.  Field mice are usually the size of a pet mouse or a little fatter.  They eat everything from books (yes I’ve lost a few good books to them) to left-over food in the sink.  They are pesky little things that seem to come out of nowhere.  So here are some things to avoid when dealing with field mice. Food and good smelling stuff…safeguard it!  They’re sense of smell is really strong.  We have a lot of tea and other good smelling edibles in cardboard boxes.  Keeping food or perishable items in cardboard boxes is fine during the summer, but not so fine with cold whether coming.  So we transfer every item into plastic/glass tubs or containers.  Mice can’t eat through plastic or glass.  Also, a perk to this is that the smell of edibles is masked. Cleanup after yourself and keep everything tidy.  Spills, regardless of size, can be a meal to a mouse.  Clothes, blankets, etc. should also be put away if not in use.  Why?  Because […]
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How to Use Peppermint for Cramping and Spasms

     Peppermint is another hidden gem amongst herbs.  The properties listed in my previous post all applied to the scalp and hair.  However, there are other properties one can gain from topical use and from ingesting this herb.  Common issues such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), gallstones, and colic can be fought by simply ingesting peppermint in tea form.      So what causes IBS?  Doctors are unsure what exactly causes IBS, but they do know what is does to the body.  The problem, IBS, is related in the disregulation in the nervous supply to the bowels, which causes cramping, gas, and abdominal bloating.  It does not make passing gas difficult; it simply makes a person more sensitive to the formation of gas.  The sensitivity to the formation of gas causes spasms which lead to an urgency to use the restroom which leads to a loose stool, or an increased amount of bowel gas.  Once the stool or the gas is passed, the pain subsides.  However, an enteric-coated capsule, such as those in the picture below, can reduce the effects of IBS.  According to the New Herbal Bible, enteric-coated capsules should contain 0.2ml of peppermint oil, and take 1 to […]
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