Rose Facial Mask for Skin Tightening and Lip Balm for Moisture & Protection

There is a previous post on the benefits of rose in regards to the hair and scalp.  However, there are other uses for rose.  From homemade lip balms to skin tightening creams some rose and other ingredients can be used.  Here are a few things you can make with a little bit of rose.   Rose Lip Balm:                 2 teaspoons of grated pure beeswax                 4 teaspoons of almond oil                 1 teaspoon of rose water Take rose petals and steep in hot water for 30 minutes.  While waiting for the rose petals to steep, place a glass jar with beeswax in it in a pot with water at the half way point of the jar, and slowly bring the water to a boil. Stir until the beeswax is completely liquefied then add the almond oil.  Mix until both oils are inseparable.  Once well mixed, lower the fire under the pot to keep the mix warm and liquefied.   Strain the rose petals from the fresh rose water.  Stir the rose water into the glass jar containing the beeswax and almond oil mix.  Once mixed, pour the lip balm into the final container you would like it to be in.  […]
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