Summer Time: Chlorine & Sea Salt Hair Issues

Summer time is great!  Everybody is traveling and doing outdoor activities.  Swimming, long days in the sun, and tons of sun screen.  Oh and let’s not forget crispy hair.  So a lot of people tend to go for a lighter hair color in the summer, but ruin it after a few days at the beach or in a chlorine filled swimming pool.  Of course if you have children you’re fighting tangled rough hair.  So here are some remedies you can do on the go or at home to help your hair. Remedy #1: Strip your hair. I strongly advise herbal tea rinses mixed with a bit of vinegar to strip your hair of chlorine.  Brew a cup of herbal tea. Suggested Herbs: Calendula and Chamomile for Light Hair Rosemary and Nutmeg for Medium Hair Rosehip or Rose and Hibiscus for Shades of Red Sage and Nettle for Dark Hair Allow it to cool.  If you have dark hair, add 1/4 of a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).  If you have light hair, add 1/4 of a cup of White Vinegar (ACV).  If your current hair color falls in the middle, I would advise ACV.  Once the vinegar of your […]
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Dad Tips: Hair Styling Edition

So when I was younger and my mom was gone on duty with the Air Force, my dad would have to style my hair.  No big deal.  However, every Sunday in church someone would redo my hair or my bow, and their words to my father,”Your wife must be on duty.”  Dad always thought it was funny, bu pt the girl with the lopsided pigtails didn’t.  So here are 3 quick tips for all dads that your little girls will appreciate. Tip #1: The pantyhose puff. This is for all the dads with a little wavy, curly, or super curly princess.  After you have deranged your daughter’s and applied moisturizer, cut a strip of pantyhose the length of your forearm.  Take it around the hairline as if your are going to tie a big bow or use it as a head band.  Tie it loosely once.  Then tighten it slowly move it up in the back and front.  Continue holding the original ties and slowly move up and tighten the strip until you a big puff close to the size or half a size of your fist.  Once you have the puff where you want it, twist the remaining pantyhose, […]
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