Hair Growth Remedies That Work

Ok, so it’s summer time, and most people see more growth during the summer.  Why?  Because everybody is out and doing something that has their blood circulation up.  Blood circulation is essential for hair growth because it carries all the nutrients throughout your body.  So how can we maximize and utilize this extra boost to help our hair growth? By using natural remedies to kick start hair growth.  Keep in mind everyone’s hair grows at a different rate, but the remedies listed below can help your scalp squeeze out healthier stronger hair faster.  Or depending on the person a wee bit faster. Remedy #1: Emu Oil If you go to the ingredients page you’ll find the nutritional rundown of Emu Oil listed.  We don’t use Emu Oil in our products, but Emu Oil is very good for your scalp.  If you don’t have a problem with using animal by products, this oil may be an option for you.  Just apply it to your scalp once a day before you sleep and massage it into your scalp.  My advice is to was your hair every 7 days when using this method to avoid the risk of build up. Remedy #2: Castor Oil […]
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