ACV Tea Rinse vs Cold Water Rinse

The featured image is the water rinse results 3 days later vs the ACV tea rinse results also 3 days later. This is the 3 month battle for shiny hair I’ve been immersed in.  I stumbled upon an alternative for the cold water rinse about a month ago.  I had tons of herbal tea rinses and plenty of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).  On top of that, walking out the house with wet hair is no big deal right now.  So I decided to try something new.  I have super curly thick hair, so I deep condition year round at least twice a week.  I also live in a humid area so frizz all year long is an issue.  I know most people at this point probably know about the popular Cold Water Rinse for shiny hair.  If you haven’t, it’s essentially making your final rinse with cold water before styling your hair.  The cold water apparently shocks the hair cuticle into closing or laying down so that light reflects better off your hair.  It’s a method that is supposed to be good for all kinds of hair textures (curly, straight, etc).  So I tried the cold water rinse for 2 months […]
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