Spot Treatments for Acne

I know everyone or most people have had a “OMG I have somewhere to be and everyone is going to see this giant zit!”.   Been there done that, and no, I don’t want to repeat it.  Sometimes I find sulfur mask or purifying mask in general, either do two things to my face: Dry it out or only work once.  When my skin has been dried out by a facial mask, my moisturizer has to work over time aka I have to use it 3 times a day.  My moisturizer is too expensive for that.  So I have found  3 ways to treat areas that are prone to acne or pimples in general.  So the 3 ways I treat my skin are simple: Drink Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Create a 50/50 mix of ACV and water to spot treat Crushed aspirin mixed with a little water Spot facial mask of Honey, ACV, Baking Soda, and Peppermint Oil For #1, I mix 3ish tbsps of raw local honey, I have major sinus issues, with 3ish tbsps of ACV.  Once it’s mixed together I add water and drink it.  I like sour stuff.  So if you don’t like sour stuff skip […]
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So You Went A Little Overboard: Repairing Damage

Hair damage is enough to give anybody heart palpitations.  Sometimes we will spend days trying to fix hair damage.  Whether the damage is caused by chemicals, heat, or neglect, before starting from scratch try some of these remedies to get your hair back. Baking Soda and Conditioner I usually do a 75% baking soda 25% conditioner mix and I mix them until I have a creamy consistency.  As you all know, if your hair isn’t straight buying products can be a true hassle.  Particularly buying styling products.  Since switching to all natural organics products, I have a lot of let over conditioners.  So take my old conditioners that no longer do anything for my hair and mix them with baking soda.  I do this treatment once a month to remove any impurities and build up my hair may have accumulated.   I recommend you only leave this on for at most an hour the first time because it can have a slight tingling/burning sensation for the first 5 minutes.  There are times when we think we’ve done irreversible damage to our hair, but really it’s just a bad case of build up.  Build up will cause your hair to act all […]
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