Hello Heartburn

As we all know heartburn is a royal pain.  In fact, in some cases it can be right up there with a case of bad gas.  You know nothing is more embarrassing than a really bad stomach that’s really just a bad case of gas, but that’s another story.  So I’ve been on the receiving end of heartburn.  It’s wasn’t pleasant.  It was like taking one of those really huge pills that gets stuck in your esophagus and no amount of water will get rid of it. Personally, I don’t like taking medication for something that is usually diet related.  I usually eat really well, but everybody has there nice little spurts of “I’m gong to eat donuts for the next month”.  So what had happened was, I was in college and busy.  I wanted something quick, easy, and easily portable.  My frozen meal of choice was ravioli.  There are many different variations of ravioli.  However, many sold on the market contain red sauce.  Mistake #1.  I was used to homemade red sauce with fresh tomatoes, and in all honesty I didn’t realize how acidic red sauce can be.  It had been a part of my diet regularly growing up. […]
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