Sweet Almond Oil


Please be careful when applying this to your scalp.  This oil is rich with many vitamins and antioxidants, but as they say too much of a good could kill you.  I’m not trying to sound morbid, but you should use caution when applying almond oil to your scalp.  It’s great for your hair strands.  In fact here’s why you should apply it to your hair:

  1. Smoothes the hair shaft and tames frizz
  2. Helps enhance you hair’s natural body
  3. Temporarily mends split ends
  4. Strengthens your hair
  5. It can aid in fighting dandruff
  6. Has anti-inflammatory properties
  7. Has anti-oxidant properties

However, the reason I say use caution with this oil is when applying it to your scalp is because there are mixed reviews and experience where it is concerned.  Some sources say it encourages hair growth.  Some say it slows down hair growth until it stops.  There is credence to Sweet Almond Oil (SAO) stopping hair growth over time.  I actually tested it out over a period of 6 weeks.  After shaving under my arms, I applied SAO.  I applied SAO every other day until it was time to shave again.  After my 3rd shave, I began to realize it was taking longer for my underarm hair to grow back.  I generally need to shave every 5 days, but after the 3rd shave no hair started growing back until the 3rd day post shaving.  So I was coming up on the 4th week of applying SAO to my underarms and I didn’t need to shave.  I now need only shave every 2 weeks.  So if it can slow down underarm hair growth, just think about what it can do to your scalp.