Jasmine is very popular as a scent and as an oil in aromatherapy.  However, it’s claim to fame as a aphrodisiac and calming aromas don’t usually come with a notice saying,”Hey! This is good for your hair too!”  The Jasmine flower has many properties that are beneficial to the hair and scalp.  Here are some more of it’s properties:
  • helps smooth hair
  • promotes hair growth
  • adds volume to hair
  • softens hair
  • protects hair
  • moisturizes hair
  • can help soothe dry itchy scalp
  • stimulates blood circulation on the scalp
  • helps maintane natural hair color
  • has anti-septic properties
  • prevents lice
  • can help balance oil production on the scalp
  • has antiviral properties
  • has antifungal properties