Emu Oil

This oil is best known for helping with skin problems like inflammation and scar tissue.  Yes, it does come from the fat of the Emu, but this stuff works.  Here are the reasons why it works so well.

  • one of the easiest oils for your skin to absorb
  • quickly reduces inflammation
  • stimulates cell regeneration
  • contains vitamin A
  • contains oleic acid
  • contains sapogens
  • has high levels of antiseptics and antioxidants
  • can soften and moisturize the scalp and hair
  • can soothe itchy scalp that is caused by dandruff
  • protects your scalp and hair from free radicals

Emu Oil works fast, I’ve tried it, and it smells nice.  Just a warning though, if you do choose to purchase Emu Oil be sure to purchase it from a reputable company.  Quick side that seems completely unrelated.  Once upon a time I purchased Neem Oil online.  The seller advertised the Neem Oil as pure Neem.  So I bought it.  When I received it the bottle said it only had 5% Neem and the other 95% was Sesame Oil.  I paid a pretty penny for that oil, but because they had a no return policy I was stuck with it!  The best part was when I called to complain about false advertisement I was told it wasn’t.  They told me that because the seller didn’t say the percentage of Neem in the Neem Oil it wasn’t misleading or false advertisement.   They also explained as long as there is 1% of an ingredient in a product the NAME of the product can be based purely off the 1%.  Moral of the story: Triple check before you buy and don’t purchase something that has NO returns.