This herb and sometimes spice is also known as Cilantro.  It’s great for your skin and it’s great for your scalp.  If you have skin issues that also affect your scalp, then doing an herbal rinse with herb could be beneficial for you.  Some of the benefits include:

  • contains Vitamin A and C
  • it has anti-septic properties
  • helps fight reoccurring acne issues
  • helps soothe psoriasis and other skin issues
  • helps even your skin complexion
  • can help soothe allergic reactions
  • has anti-inflammatory properties

Those are just a few of the overall benefits of Coriander.  I bolded the bit about allergic reactions because at some point you may try a skin or hair product that causes a reaction.  It’s good to know natural fixes outside of the ones that can be bought in store.  It also may save you a trip too.