Coconut has a plethora of benefits.  Due to the fact that the properties and benefits for Coconut Milk and Coconut Oil overlap, I will not cover Coconut Oil.  We do use Coconut Oil in our products though.  Anyways, if your hair is damaged or has a hard time holding onto moisture Coconut Milk/Oil should be a regular ingredient in all of the hair care products you buy.  Here are more reasons why (excluding the reasons listed on the photo):
  • helps decrease excessive shedding
  • helps with detanlging your hair
  • conditions hair
  • helps slow down premature graying
  • contains high levels of these minerals:
    •    iron
    •    calcium
    •    potassium
    •    magnesium
    •    zinc
    •    copper
  • contains vitamins:
    •    B1
    •    B3
    •    B5
    •    B6
    •    E
    •    C
    •    K
  • anti bacterial properties
  • anti viral properties
  • anti fungal properties
  • anti oxidant properties