Unsulphured Molasses


Blackstrap Unsulphured Molasses is sweet and sticky just like honey.  Ok maybe not as sweet as honey, but is still sweetish.  The benefits for your hair and scalp from molasses vary from those of honey.  If you noticed, I was very particular in the type of molasses.  The organic unsulphured version of molasses is closer to the raw plant properties of raw cane sugar that it is a by product of.  This is important because of the minerals and nutrients that are not destroyed when it is processed.  Here are the key properties that make blackstrap a great addition to your deep conditioner.

  • high in key minerals:
    1. selenium
    2. manganese
    3. zinc
    4. potassium
  • smoothes and softens your hair
  • helps fight grey hair by increasing melanin levels
  • it can stimulate hair growth over time
  • helps your hair become thicker over time
  • contains follic acid and B vitamins
  • removes toxins