Avocado is mainly known for it’s healthy benefits from when a person ingest it.  It’s full of healthy fats that our bodies can easily break down.  In regards to hair, avocado has a lot of merit.  I know the idea of something you eat in your hair isn’t very appeasing, but your hair is worth it.  Here are more benefits of using avocado aside from those listed on the photo.
  • improve elasticity of hair
  • has protein and fiber
  • moisturizes hair and scalp
  • softens hair
  • improves elasticity of hair
  • contains vitamins:
    •    A
    •    B
    •    C
    •    E
    •    K
  • contains minerals:
    •    copper
    •    potassium
    •    iron
    •    magnesium
    •    phosphorus