A Herbal Remedy for Nausea and Morning Sickness

I’ve mentioned ginger’s properties before in regards to only the scalp and hair.  It’s a great herb that can heal damaged hair follicles and jumps start your hair follicles, but it also has other useful medical properties.  One of those properties is soothing nausea.  There have been medical studies conducted by the US Navy, as well as others, on the properties of ginger in regards to abating nausea.  The US Navy found the herb helped new sailors find their “sea legs” quicker.  It became more desirable when the toxicity results can back as very low.  The toxicity levels and the results the US Navy found brought ginger to the attention of the medical community, particularly in regards to its possible aid in helping pregnant women with morning sickness.  It was found that the toxicity levels are low enough for pregnant women to consume it.  A study showed that a 250 mg dose taken 4 times daily significantly reduced vomiting and nausea in 19 out of 27 in the pregnant women studied.
     Another use for ginger is helping with arthritis.  Arthritis is defined as pain inflammation and stiffness of the joints.  Ginger has shown the ability to reduce inflammation in the joints by blocking a group of chemicals that the body produces.  This group of chemicals is known as eicosanoid group.  Other drugs prescribed to aid with the pain and inflammation caused by arthritis do work, but not seamlessly.  They have side effects.  Ginger does not have any adverse effects on the stomach and can effectively reduce the effects of arthritis.
     If you’re taking ginger for nausea unrelated to morning sickness take the standardized 100mg extract about 4 hours before leaving.  If you’re taking ginger for morning sickness, take a slice of fresh ginger root and steep it in hot water along with a bag of green tea.  Allow the tea bag and ginger to steep at least 10 minutes.  The longer it steeps the better.  Sip slowly when the tea is done steeping.
*Make sure you speak with your doctor before adding ginger into your regular diet.*


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