The Run Down: Minerals and Vitamins

          I decided to do a rundown of on the vitamins and minerals that can be found in our products.  Though we hear that certain herbs are great for this and that, rarely do we hear the why.  What makes one combination herbs better than another combination?  Well it’s the vitamin and mineral content within a specific combination of herbs.  If the combination of herbs isn’t right then they can cancel out properties of “weaker” herbs.  The same concept applies for vitamins and minerals ingested or topically applied.  Too much of a good thing either gets thrown off, canceled out by something else, or wreaks havoc on your system.  We work to make sure our products are balanced and healthy.  Here’s the why behind some of our ingredient choices:
I.  Iron: It carries oxygen to the scalp and promotes growth by helping with blood circulation.  Blood circulation is essential for carrying nutrients to every part of your body.
II.  D: We usually get this from the sun.  It helps with the hair follicle life cycle.  However, during winter and rainy season especially, we need products with vitamin D to supplement the lack of it due to the time of year and weather.
III.  Zinc: It helps with the renewal of skin cells and hair follicles.  If your hair is abnormally thin or you’re showing signs of thinning, it may be a zinc deficiency.
IV.  B: There is a big push for B vitamins in our hair products for a good reason.  They promote shiny thick hair.  If your hair seems dull and lifeless or if your hair is damaged you need to incorporate B vitamins in your hair regime or in your food.  They will help restore your hair health by helping with the production of amino acids and fatty acids.  Amino acids are essential because they are the building blocks of protein.  Never forget our hair is composed of protein.  B vitamins also help your hair break down iron.
V.  C: This vitamin will help with premature graying.  It also can help with dry hair by increasing your hair’s ability to retain moisture.  Vitamin C also helps your body break down and absorb iron from herbs.  It also increases your body’s ability to produce collagen.
VI.  E: This vitamin holds similar properties to vitamin C by helping your hair retain moisture.  In addition to that though, it also helps with blood circulation.
 Minerals and Vitamins
Honorable Mentions:
i.  Magnesium: It works with calcium to promote hair growth by breaking it down and making it easier for the body to absorb.
ii.  Folic Acid: (found in flax seed) It helps maintain hair growth.
iii.  Copper: It helps metabolize iron and create red blood cells.


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