Clear Skin From the Inside Out

You can have the clearest skin in the world…until you eat the wrong food or start slacking in your facial cleansing routine.  It happens to everyone.  If I get really stressed out, I get a surprise on my face.  Eat too many oranges, I get a surprise on my forehead.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve been really busy, and at times I have been too tired to wash my face before bed.  I don’t wear makeup on a regular basis, but I always moisturize my face.  I get tired of having to do a deep cleanse every other night before bed.  I workout alot and I sweat alot, but I don’t wear makeup.  Not wearing makeup helps, but you can’t forget the grime your face collects throughout the day.  Your pores need that layer of grime removed so you don’t wind up with Pimple Delight.  So I have been trying a few things to kind of keep my skin balanced. My skin is sensitive and it has helped cut down on the irritation I do sometimes experience for too much deep cleansing.  So here are the things I changed:

#1 ACV and Honey

I drink a cup of this stuff with some water added.  The sour taste of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) doesn’t bother me because it reminds me of my favorite sour candy.  So before I go to bed on my gym days, I mix approximately a 1/4 of a cup of ACV with 3/4 of water and add honey until it is as sweet as I would like it to be.  Then I drink it.  It helps clear out the last of the gunk in my system that I didn’t sweat out.  I can just rinse my face and sleep after drinking this.  This also has helped tremendously with cramping and bloating.  This along with the next thing have really made a difference.

#2 Drink Some Fresh Ginger Tea

I love my French Press coffee and I’m not exchanging it for tea.  So instead, I brew ginger tea  in the morning with a few slices of ginger.  Let it steep for about 30 minutes, then I strain it and add honey until it’s as sweet as I like it.  Then I stick it in the fridge until lunch and I have a nice crisp cool cup of ginger tea with my lunch.  Sometimes I add lemon to it, but not always.  Since doing this, I’ve noticed eating certain foods don’t cause me to break out as quickly.  For example, I like my pasta, but I don’t like breaking out on my cheekbones from eating it too many days in a roll.  No amount of veggies seems to balance out the acidity of red sauce.  So ginger tea to the rescue.

Now at this point, I know there is a common denominator that you should have noticed.  It’s honey.  All natural honey from our local bee farms in the area.  Honey is like a fix all sometimes.  The reason for this is mainly due to the flowers the bees go to.  One of our local farms has fields of clove, lavender, and other flowers that have great properties for your skin.  Since buying their honey, I have noticed there is a difference in my skin’s clarity.  All honey is not the same because all bees do not have access to the same flowers.  If you buy local honey, take a moment to ask what flowers are in that bee farms area.  That will give you a really great indicator of the herbal properties that honey will have in addition to honey’s regular awesome attributes.  If you aren’t sure which flowers would benefit your skincare regimen the best, take a look at our Ingredients page for quick highlights of the different properties of herbs.  If there is an herb we haven’t referenced yet, let us know and we’ll add it.  As usual comment, like, share, and tell us your remedies that have worked to combat acne from the inside out.  Tschus!

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