Onion Rinse: Yay or Nay?

The onion rinse is one of many natural hair growth remedies that are highly suggested and praised for actually working.  However, nobody seems to mention the draw back of the onion rinse.  Yes, it’s smelly, but you can get used to it or do it at night and wash your hair in the morning.  The problem with the onion rinse is it’s only good for two days and then it begins to go bad.  Like molding bad.  Cheers for fresh onion.

If you’ve cooked with fresh onion before, then you know that you have to be careful with it.  Fresh onion will cause a dish to go bad or mold sooner than it ought to if certain precautions are not taken.  You do NOT put a previously used utensil in a dish with fresh onion unless your intention was to through it away the next day.  This is the #1 problem with the onion rinse.  For maximum potency and benefits the rinse must be fresh, but a freshly brewed rinse doesn’t last more than 2 days.  That’s a waste of a perfectly good onion.  Just saying.

Yes, onions are high in sulfur.  Don’t get me wrong sulfur is very good for your scalp and your body as a whole. Even though sulfur alone can smell really bad and it is usually meant to be used to treat scalp issues (ring worms, etc.) and deficiencies within our bodies, it can help with hair growth.  Onions also contain high volumes of antioxidants and nutrients important to blood circulation and follicle rejuvenation.  However, a fresh onion rinse will NOT work for you if you don’t have certain deficiencies.  Just like super vitamins, hair growth pills, won’t work for you if you have very few vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  I can say this because I’ve tried it and got nothing, but a stinky head.  Yay.  But on another note, I wouldn’t recommend using store or online purchased onion juice.  There’s no telling how long it’s been on the shelf.  On top of that, you have now idea how the preservatives affect the potency and nutrients levels that are normally found in onions.  I don’t care how “organic” and “natural” it is.  It’s not fresh.

Now I would suggest mixing up your onion rinse with other herbs like rosemary and thyme.  Rosemary and thyme are natural preservatives and they can also help with hair growth.  You can use the search function on our blog for more detailed information on these two herbs.  I would also suggest throwing out the onion and using garlic.  Garlic and Onion have similar properties and provides mostly the same nutrients.  Or in this case, they provide similar amounts of sulfur.

In the end, I say Nay to the Onion Rinse.  Why?  Onions aren’t cheap and I’d rather eat them.  If your interested in some hair growth treatments that won’t go bad in 2 days, take a look at this.  Also don’t forget to comment, share, and subscribe.

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