So You Went A Little Overboard: Repairing Damage

Hair damage is enough to give anybody heart palpitations.  Sometimes we will spend days trying to fix hair damage.  Whether the damage is caused by chemicals, heat, or neglect, before starting from scratch try some of these remedies to get your hair back.

Baking Soda and Conditioner

I usually do a 75% baking soda 25% conditioner mix and I mix them until I have a creamy consistency.  As you all know, if your hair isn’t straight buying products can be a true hassle.  Particularly buying styling products.  Since switching to all natural organics products, I have a lot of let over conditioners.  So take my old conditioners that no longer do anything for my hair and mix them with baking soda.  I do this treatment once a month to remove any impurities and build up my hair may have accumulated.   I recommend you only leave this on for at most an hour the first time because it can have a slight tingling/burning sensation for the first 5 minutes.  There are times when we think we’ve done irreversible damage to our hair, but really it’s just a bad case of build up.  Build up will cause your hair to act all kinds of crazy.  This baking soda conditioner mix will leave your hair soft and fluffy.  However, over use of this conditioner mix can CAUSE your hair to have issues.  For example, it can and will dry out your hair if you use it too many time in succession.

Vinegar and Honey

A vinegar rinse has the same effects on your hair as baking soda.  It removes all impurities and leaves your hair soft.  I usually mix 4 tbsps of Honey with 3/4 a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and 1/4 of a cup of water.  Depending on the supplies I have, I prefer this rinse to the baking soda.  I apply it to clean damp/dryish hair and leave it in for an hour.  I then rinse my hair and style it as usual.  I prefer to drink my ACV, so usually I take plain vinegar and mix it with fresh herbs (lavender, rose, etc.)  and let it sit for 3 weeks.  3 weeks is necessary for the herbal properties to fully transfer and mesh with the vinegar.  After 3 weeks, I strain the herbs out and use it for my vinegar honey rinses.  This particular mix is also good for removing hair color gone WAY wrong.

Nothing But Coconut Milk

I recommend Organic Coconut Milk (OCM) over the oil.  Why?  Because everybody has different scalp types.  The benefits are not different because they come from the same source.  It’s all about preference.  I suggest OCM, sorry I’m too lazy to type it out, for one reason: Your hair bounces back faster.  Coconut Milk does need to be rinsed out after you apply it, but you can sleep in it or leave it in for hours without you scalp reacting adversely.  When I use straight Coconut Milk, I leave it in over night.  30 minutes before putting it in my hair, I put it on the stove over a super low fire to smooth the milk out and mix it back together.  After applying it to clean damp hair, I cover my hair with a plastic cap and secure it with my turban towel.  I put the left over milk in a glass jar all the way in the back of the refrigerator.  The next morning when I rinse my hair, my curls are back in action.  It works like a charm every time.  My hair is always soft and springy as it should be.  Coconut Milk is great after flat ironing, blow drying, etc. your hair.  Reconstructors are nice, but sometimes your hair just needs a little OCM.  If your hair is just lack luster and flat, but not oily flat, then I would recommend OCM.  It will add moisture and will help enhance your hair’s natural body.  It’s also great for your scalp.

Honey and Avocado

It’s messy, but it works.  So is I’m not being lazy, I’ll pull out my blender and throw some OCM, Honey, Avocado in it.  I allow it to blend until I have a thickish smooth consistency.  I use a 50/50 blend of Honey and OCM with a half of Avocado throw in.  It’s a mess, but your hair will love you for it.  The fatty goodness of Avocado with OCM will help strengthen your hair while keeping it soft.  While the Honey will help coat your hair so that it can keep all the nutrients from the Avocado and OCM in.  Remember though OCM has protein in it, it is a very little protein with a heavy moisture punch.  You only want to use this mask once a week after shampooing, but before conditioning your hair.  I recommend still conditioning your hair just so you can make sure you have removed the mask completely after rinsing.  Be sure to leave this mask in your hair for at least 30 minutes and cover your hair with a plastic cap.  I reserve this mask for those times of the year, coldest portions of winter and hottest days of summer, when my hair needs extra moisture and elasticity.  A curl that does not spring back up is a problem and a curl that shrinks too much is a problem too.  The right amount of moisture in your hair will help it lay better, tame frizz (helloooo Honey!!!), bounce while you walk, and enhance its natural body.

Try some of these mask before reaching for a reconstructor or a pair of shears.  Sometimes your hair just needs a little TLC.  If you’re having issues with split ends, these mask will help temporarily stop more from being created.  However, you’ll need to go get a trim to permanently remove split ends.  There is not split end repair out there.  There are only temporary fixes until you next trim.  Comment below if you’ve found other treatments that are effective.  Tschus!

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