Balance Your Skin Tone Naturally

I think it’s safe to say that everyone wants the skin to be an even tone.  No matter how light or dark it is we want uniformity.  I mean sometimes I just want to have a talk with my skin and pretty much tell it to get it’s crap together.  Unfortunately, skin can’t vocalize it’s needs and concerns.  So instead it gives you dark spots, dry spots, pimples, and more.  From my years of playing soccer, I have scars around my ankles from being kicked, and it didn’t bother me.  My scars are old bruises that didn’t go away or war scars as I like to call them.  I should have iced AND massaged my ankles to get the bad blood moved out of those areas, but I didn’t.  Anyways I was totally fine with spots of darkness on my ankles until I discovered my elbow, yes only one of them, was developing a dark callus like the picture to the left.  That is what we, my family, call ash.  Ash is bad.  No amount of Shea Butter, body butters, body creams worked for that stubborn spot.  To top it off, it was darker than my other elbow!  So after trying tons of heavy moisturizing products, I started trying to figure out what was causing this ashy callus.  Turns out that leaning on one elbow while you take class notes Monday-Friday can dry out a specific spot.  So I went back to trying heavy moisturizing products while making an effort to not lean on my elbow in class.  Drum roll…it still didn’t work.  I was getting a bit peeved until I remembered that I hadn’t tried Cocoa Butter.  Face palm.  That should have been my first try not my 10000000 try, but oh well.  So after some digging I resurrected my Cocoa Butter (aka I had to call a search party to help me find it).  After melting a small chunk of it down, I added Lavender Oil and Castor Oil.  After two weeks my elbow started looking normal again.  However, I still had dry spots, ones that are usually covered, that I wanted to “heal”.  See in winter I suffer from weird dry spots where I sweat the most.  So because my Cocoa Butter mix was too heavy to be regularly used as a lotion, I adjusted my original mix to this:

1 ice cube chunk of Raw Cocoa Butter

1 ice cube chunk of Raw Shea Butter

1 tbsp of Organic Coconut Oil

1 tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

4 drops of Lavender Oil

2 drop of Ylang Ylang Oil (optional I just like the smell)

4 drops of Cedarwood Oil

4 drops of Rosemary Oil

2 tbsp of Vitamin E Oil

And I must say it’s perfect!  I know I’m going to have to adjust this again once the weather is warm, but for now my elbow is normal again and my ankles are showing improvements.  My skin needed that extra moisture punch and the healing properties of Cocoa Butter.  This mix can also help with stretch and other types of scars.  Depending on the type of scar this mix can even get rid of the scar.  So if you’re having skin tone issues try this mix.  If necessary you can always add more Cocoa Butter to boost the skin tone evening abilities Cocoa Butter has.  Tschus! 

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