Is My Hair Protein Sensitive?

The correct answer is no.  Nobody’s hair can be protein sensitive.  Why?  Because our hair is made of protein.  If people’s hair were protein sensitive they would be bald.  Let’s take a moment to reflect on what hair is made of.

Hair is approximately 91% protein and it’s made up of amino acid chains.  The outer covering of the hair is made up of keratin and is most commonly known as the cuticle.  The inner layer is the cortex, which is keratinized protein fibers.  The inner most layer is the central core of cells called the medulla.  That’s why if you have frayed ends from color, misuse and abuse, no trims, etc. you can use an egg mask to help temporarily fix your ends or your hair in general.  The protein in eggs enters the lifted cuticles and temporarily fills the holes in your hair cuticles.  This temporary fill helps strengthen your hair for a short while until your next trim.

Now as for those who claim their hair is protein sensitive it’s not your hair.  It’s you.  Have you checked your diet?  Have you compared the protein levels of all your current hair products?  Sometimes your diet is so full of protein that any extra heavy protein  (i.e. eggs) makes your hair hard and brittle.  It could even be a protein overdose concentrated in your daily vitamins.  These nuances can be hard to pinpoint, but these are things you should keep in mind before claiming protein sensitivity.  Your hair needs protein to stay strong and it needs moisture to stay limber.  Take a moment when you have a chance and compare the protein levels of your daily vitamins, hair products, and foods you commonly eat.  If your numbers are above the recommended levels below that could be the cause of your hair’s protein sensitivity.  Check to be sure you aren’t the cause of some of your hair problems.protein-intake-table


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